A part from the traditional tiles, Zentangle is also open to other layouts and materials. This is part of the overflow of creativity that Zentangle provoques in you.

In this section I will be adding different projects and single subject lessons of a longer duration than a traditional tile.

In these projects, apart from learning new techniques and possibilities, we will focus on our patience and determination to achieve a final product of which you will be proud to the point to wish to exhibit or frame.

"Perseverance and daily work without reaching exhaustion are the base of a healthy creative life"


Gem Masterclass

Gems are one of the most attractive complements to our tangles. I will show you how to do different types of gems using colour pencils.

Braided Loom

A very special project that will consist of 16 sessions to complete a beautiful loom design that you can frame and hang in your home.

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