The materials that you need for Zentangle are very simple. You can use any pen or fine-liner that you have at home, a piece of paper, a pencil and something to blend. When I started I used whatever I found at home, and I did my first drawing on a notebook and a black pen from the supermarket and some cotton buds.

"We always find excuses for not starting things. Please don’t let the lack of proper material be a excuse to not start drawing!"

One of the premises of Zentangle is the appreciation of the materials so the fact that these are of good quality gives more value to your practice but do not let the lack of perfect materials prevent you from enjoying the minutes of Concentration, Peace and Serenity that Zentangle provides.

Once you have completely fallen in love with Zentangle you would want to get materials that are more appropriate. This is what you will need:

"And don’t forget the most important thing, the desire to enjoy and love yourself a little more"

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